When we needed a huge trash pickup to help clean out a relative’s house, I was prepared for a long, very involved process, with a typical utility/public service, county/city-owned type of entity. I was also prepared to hear the standard phrases: “It will be two weeks before we can get to your project.” or “We’re just so backed up, it may be a while before we can even get out that way.”

None of this applied to JDog. We scheduled a date and time convenient for us, and they showed up promptly on that date and time. They also communicated with me throughout the whole process, regarding their hauling trailers, price, and methods of payment.

Knowing that running a successful business is a very difficult task to do, JDog makes a running a rare service like this seem so simple.

It’s a “bitter/sweet” thing. I’m glad companies like JDog still exist, but it’s kind of sad when it feels like there’s so few of them nowadays.